Conscious Life Design


I am here to show you whats possible in relationships outside of this realities programmed beliefs. It’s a travesty and an outrage for the collective consciousness to continue believing in the lies and programming around relationships. I can’t stand any longer for any suffering from the limited beliefs around the ideas of what relationships are expected to look like. Which in turn creates the devastating heart break and unhappiness that results in perpetual distraction from truly living our lives and continually feeling un-loved in every way. Then due to all the heart break of feeling un-loved, we are either too scared to open up to a new relationship or recreating the same patterns in different relationships. What if you could be feeling the ecstasy and divine love of God, instead of feeling the pain and horror of the the disillusionment of your current and past relationship experiences?

Because I have experienced the failure and devastation of broken relationships, having been through two divorces as well as two other men I almost married dying unexpected deaths, I was guided to find tools and processes that lead me to shift my entire relationship reality, one from heart ache and pain to joy and ecstasy!

Besides all the inner shifts in learning to love myself through these tools and processes I now facilitate, ALL of my relationships, with family, friends etc. have shifted beautifully, as a side effect!

Would you like to stop choosing and creating your relationships based on fear? Fear of being alone, fear of lack or being insecure? Fear of loss? No longer wishing for something more, outside of yourself? If that’s a yes for you, join my mailing list to receive my free gift to you, “The secret to being loved beyond measure!” where I share with you the one tool that changed everything for me!

Thank you for being you! ~Much love to you,